Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Made to keep the frozen fresh!!
Why freezerMate?

  • Clear windows allow fast identification

  • Flexible seal with tab for easy removal

  • Specially designed base prevents slipping. Rounded corners and recessed bottoms allow cold air circulation around stackable containers, for fast freezing.

  • Level indicators allow room for expansion as food with liquid freezes.

Code: 4027
FreezerMate Essential Set
Freezermate Small II (2) 650ml
14.3cm (L) x 11.0cm (W)x 7.7cm (H)
FreezerMate Medium I (1) 550ml
22.5cm(L) x 14.9cm (W) x 3.9cm(H)
FreezerMate Medium II (2) 1.5L
22.5 cm (L)x 14.9cm (W) x 7.7 cm (H)
FreezerMate Medium III (1) 2.3L
FreezerMate Large II (1) 3.1 L
30.0cm x 22.5 cm x 7.7 cm
Gift Box
Retail price: RM 193.00

Code: 4028
FreezerMate Starter set
FreezerMate Small I (2) 250ml
14.3cm  (L) x 11.0cm (W) x 3.9cm (H)
FreezerMate Small II (2) 650ml (H)
14.3cm x 11.0cm x 7.7cm
FreezerMate Small III (2) 1L
14.3cm x 11.0cm x 11.5cm
Gift Box
RM 105.00

Code: 4026
Freezermate Medium Set
FreezerMate Medium I (3) 550ml
22.5cm x 14.9cm x 3.9cm
FreezerMate Medium II (2) 1.5 L
22.5cm x 14.9cm x 7.7cm
Freezermate Medium III (1) 2.3 L
22.7cm x 15.1cm x 11.4cm
Gift Box
Retail price: RM 154.30

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