Sunday, May 22, 2011

Get Organized~ for better food storage


Improper storage of food in the fridge and freezer causes germs to breed. When this happens, the food quality deteriorates and eventually causes spoilage and waste.
Handling maybe compromised, as food gets squashed during rummage, causing further damage and again waste.


Proper storage with Tupperware containers made for the fridge allows for better circulation of cold air and prevents any cross contamination. Freshness is sealed in with purpose built designs made with food quality material. Food handling improves and storage is tidier and more visible!!
~FreezerMate:- Specially designed to allow fast freezing. So food can be frozen to stay as fresh as the day it is bought.
~Square Round:- Keep food fresh, minimize space. To keep anything from leftovers to chopped vegetables and garnishes.
~Modular Keeper with Grid:- Stores just cleaned vegetables above water residue so they fresh longer.
~Fridge Water Bottle:- tuck neatly into fridge door pockets for cool and fresh drinks!

~KHABAR GUMBIRA^^ untuk semua consultant/ dealer/ members Tupperware Brands. Bagi setiap pembelian 2 set Snowflake Wonders dalam satu resit, anda layak mendapat satu cabutan bertuah bagi mendapatkan peti sejuk 4 pintu HItachi's Big French 4 Door Series 550L.
~Promosi ini bermula dari 16 May - 30 June 2011

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