Saturday, April 25, 2015

:::April 2015 clearance sale::: murah giler bak hang!

Salam n hi! Untuk membuat pesanan, sila whatsapp/ sms ke 0174034950 atau email Harga minimum bagi caj pos ialah rm10. 

     Set 1: rm100- SOLD 

Set 2: rm100-SOLD

Set 3: rm100

Set 4: rm100- SOLD

Set 5: rm100

Set 6: rm100

Set 7: rm100

Set 8: rm100

Set 9: rm100-SOLD

Set 10: rm100-SOLD

Set 11: rm100

Set 12: rm100

Set 13: rm190 (items from mexico)- very large pitcher+ cereal keeper

Set 14: rm100

Set 15: rm100

Set 16: rm110-SOLD

Set 17: rm100

Set 18: rm100-SOLD

Set 19: rm100

Set 20: rm100

Ok that's all. HAPPY SHOPPING! Do whatsapp me at +60174034950 to place your order now!


  1. Waiting for more clearance set...

  2. Waiting for more clearance set...

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