Monday, July 6, 2015

July challenge

salam n hi,
Below are the challenge for this month.

Downlines with the purchase of RM880 or more can claim only 1 pitcher. You may choose the pink punch or laguna (green) collection. -siapa cepat dia dapat ye. Lepas tu jgn dok bising takde warna yg korang nak.

Starting from July 2015, there will be no more challenge for 500 due to the implementation of gst and the falling of ringgit value (1 usd= rm3.83)

All the challenges in tupperware creative design are 100% conducted by me. I paid thousandsss to import + all the taxes. You get it for FREE at your doorstep. And i never push you to join the challenge. I just share my happiness of collecting tupperware around the world with you. 

If you are not happy with the gift, just remember it is FREE and nobody push you. Thank you

Salam Ramadhan

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